Process Addictions Workshop on 2/3

February 3, 2018

From the Refuge Recovery book:

“Addiction is the repetitive process of habitually satisfying cravings to avoid, change or control the seemingly unbearable conditions of the present moment. This process of craving and indulgence provides short-term relief but causes long-term harm. It is almost always a source of suffering for both the addict and those who care about the addict.”

In short, Process Addiction is any behavior that we engage in to avoid, change or control the seemingly unbearable conditions of the present moment.

We satisfy cravings in many ways, and while it may feel like substance abuse is prevalent in Refuge Recovery groups there are many of us struggling with other addictions including: food, sex, technology, gambling, relationships, spending, codependency, etc. We are all welcome in Refuge Recovery.

In this workshop we will:

💎 Explore behaviors that may be creating suffering in our lives and the lives of others.

💎 We will learn what renunciation looks like for process addictions, I mean, we gotta eat right?

💎 We will support each other in investigation of our relationship to these behaviors and to our suffering.

💎 We will learn how crucial self-compassion and loving-kindness are to working with process addictions.

All are welcome.

Donations welcome for the use of the space.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds

Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple

6401 NE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR97211

Holiday meeting updates

A few meeting updates:

Monday night at Heart of Wisdom will meet at the usual time followed by time for fellowship and fun time hangs. •

The Eightfold Path Study at Dharma Rain will take a break until 1/1/2018.

Sunday night meeting at TaborSpace Is CANCELLED due to the weather.

We will update this post in case of any last minute changes so follow it in case you’re interested in updates.

Happy Snowy Holidays!!!